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Gary Foster & 
Janet Beckstrom

Foster, Elliott, Gentry, Haggard, Harwood, Hays,  Hobson, Holloway, James, Miller, McNeece, Packer, Savage, Thornton, Brazzell, 
Gale, Wilcox, Kartchner

- - - - - - - - -
Beckstrom, Courtney, Haley, Ronson, Reigh, Landers, Borg

Jim & Sandi Burgess

Burgess, Blackwell, Blankenship, Bushnell, Chafin, Cockerill, Cottingham, Crump, Curry, Davenport, Elkins, Eltonhead, Farley, Garrett, Harver, Howard, Kincaid, Key, Lake, Malone, Miller, Otten, Perry, Price, Remley, Savage, Stewart, Thornton, Utterback, White, Zouche
Elizabeth Rittenhouse Lamb
Rittenhouse, Hocking, Bunting, Anstiss, Colyer, Johns, Porter, King, Grace, Thread (Gale), Bradstreet, Appleton, Capen, Dudley

james-gale.jpg (12474 bytes)
James Gale

Gale, Bayley, Packer, Hall,
Wills, McAudra

William Decatur Kartchner

Kartchner, Kirchner, Wilcox, Weber,
Greber, Casteel, Nowlin, Walton, Savage,
Stoughton, Willcock, Atkinson, Hutchinson

Nello Smith &
Arminta Echols

Smith, McBride, Lewis &
Echols, Barney, Lee Families

DeAnne Shelley

Anderson & White families

Yvonne Griffin

Griffin, Nielsen, Innis,
Nevers, Stringham

Arthur J. Kocherhans

Kocherhans Families in America and Switzerland

Margie Kleinman

Brown, Styles, Langston, Bennett,
Hopkins & Smithwick families

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