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Gary & Janet Foster

Gary & Janet Foster

Retired, genealogist, grandparents & a happy couple.

Janet and I are selling our big home that we raised our family in located in Tempe, Arizona and looking to downsize to a smaller home in Gilbert or Queen Creek, Arizona sometime soon.

Janet and I purchased a 2 bedroom condo at the Kimball in Salt Lake City, Utah where we go several times a year to do genealogy research on our family lines.  We rent it out to those who want to be in walking distance to the FamilySearch Library, Temple Square, the new Church History Library and the LDS Conference Center.
Kimball Condominiums 150 N Main, SLC Utah 84103

Click to see our condo for rent.

Click on James Tanner's Genealogy Star Blog for his latest training and comments. (Link)

Let me know by e-mail of additional websites and Blogs that offer assistance.

Recommended Websites and Genealogy Blogs to assist in learning:
  • Leland Moon Training Videos on Family Tree
  • FamilySearch Community Forum - Help for Beginners with FamilySearch Family Tree Questions
  • FamilyInsight at Yahoo Groups is a great place to go for information after you sign up to learn tons of information about PAF, FamilyInsight and any new version currently being developed for FamilySearch Family Tree.
  • For Family History Consultants & Directors an additional Yahoo Group is active and sharing questions and answers pertaining to the FamilySearch Family Tree program.
  • Register for Training as a Consultant or Priesthood Leader Now - take the lessons and begin cleaning up your own families records.  From this experience you will be able to assist others.
  • Take the FamilySearch Family Tree Classes on-line.  See website for details.
  • Mesa Arizona FamilySearch Library - See website for training schedule for Ward Family History Consultants and Priesthood Leaders in English and Spanish.  Here is a PowerPoint presentation of 69 slides on Getting Ready for Family Search Temple Ready & Cleaning up your Records... Click to download the images (takes several minutes) then click on the bottom right Slide "Show icon" and get started so you will be ready.  Click here
  • Family History Resources by Miles Meyer, Jacksonville, Florida East Stake - He has developed this website to provide information on these resources and to help family history consultants develop training materials for their staff and ward members. All of the files on this site are in Adobe PDF format. If you would like the original documents so you can edit them, let him know.
  • FamilySearch Labs - is testing a variety of products such as Records Search, Family Tree, Standard Finder and Research Wiki.  Sign up as a beta tester and help them develop even better products for future use.
  • FamilySearch Wiki - this tool assists you in finding your ancestors.  It offers information on how to find, use, and analyze records of genealogical value for beginners, intermediate and expert researchers.
  • FamilySearch Indexing - The Church plans to place all of the records from Granite Mountain on the web in a searchable database. You can volunteer on this site to do indexing work. They are currently looking for 10,000 English -Spanish speaking volunteers to work on the Mexican census records.  Hopefully, within 7 years all microfilm records that can be released will be digitized & indexed and on the Internet website for use by everyone worldwide.  How is that for a miraculous project?  If you believe in miracles, why don't you become part of one?