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Featured Websites
A review by Gary L. Foster
of some of the many very good
genealogy related websites

This page is co-hosted at the Mesa Regional Family History Center
which I invite you to view for the best training PowerPoint's, Quick Starts & Research Computer Guides to assist you in your
genealogy / family history research

Gary L. Foster,

Surnames.com is a genealogy website dedicated to serving the genealogy and computer needs of individuals and genealogy organizations.  Currently we have over 14,507 daily accesses from our Internet guests throughout the world Gary Foster built and has hosted this website since 1996.  Currently he hosts this website on Ixwebhosting.com, an independent Internet Web Service Provider.

Our hundreds of thousands of web pages provide the many skills and talents needed to assist all genealogists to gather, research and publish their family history files. Each section of this website provides a service or product to benefit the genealogist. Surnames.com is simply a free service to connect the genealogist with the best ideas, services and products known. We invite you to contact us by e-mail about ways to improve our service.

30 Aug 2007 - The dedicated missionary trainers at the Mesa Regional Family History Center have posted on the Internet the RESEARCH CONSULTANT TRAINING course in 13 lessons in Adobe PDF format so you can View, Print and Download each lesson and appendix to your own computer.  This is the best series of training materials I have seen and you can view and download them from this link for free.  Lessons include, Organization & Research, Surveying and Researching the Internet, FHLC Handy Book & PERSI, U.S. Census Records, U.S. Vital Records, U.S. Migration, Maps & Gazetteers, U.S. Land Records, U.S. Probate & Court Records, U.S. Church Records, U.S. Military Records, Immigration & Emigration, U.S.  Naturalization.  Give each lesson time to load because they contain many images and pages but the time is well worth it.

Please send questions or comments to Gary Foster.
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