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Genealogies of
Descendants of James River, Virginia
& its Communities

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Genealogy, Pedigree, Family Group Sheets, Pictures & Stories of Descendants of the James River area including Jamestown, Hog Island, Mulberry Island, Hampton, Smithfield, Isle of Wight County, Surry County, Brunswick County & Williamsburg area.

Descendants of these early Virginians began with their families who came here mostly from England, brought others to join them and created the opportunity for land ownership through hard work and perseverance:

* James Richard Foster, born 1619 in Essex, Durham, England, came to Virginia in 1635, married Susan Elizabeth Garnett about 1645, in Elizabeth Cittie and died about 1691. (3,433 descendants)

* William Harwood, born about 1635 in Surry, Virginia, whose father George came to Virginia from London, England, married Elinor ? about 1650 and had one child born in Charles City and the other in Surry County. (1,203 descendants)

* Colonel William Randolph, born 7 Nov 1650 in Morton Hall, Morel, Warwickshire, England, came to Virginia, purchased Turkey Island, married Mary Isham 13 Nov 1678 and started in America a large posterity. (2,578 descendants)

* Colonel William Beverly, born in 1696 in Essex, Virginia, married Elizabeth Bland in about 1725 and raised five children.  One son was Colonel Robert Beverly the first historian of Virginia. (1,333 descendants)

* William Armistead, born in 1610 in either Hesse, Gloucester, Virginia or Kirk, Dighton, York, England, married Ann E. Ellis and had three children.  One son, Colonel John Armistead owned thousands of acres in Matthew county along side many prominent early Virginia families. (993 descendants)

* Edward Dudley, born 6 Jan 1601 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, married Elizabeth Pritchard in England and came to Virginia to establish the Dudley's in America. (59 descendants)

* John De Lee, born 1430 in England, married Elizabeth Corbin born in 1434 in England, and in 1478 was married in England.  Five generations later Richard Henry Lee born on 22 Mar 1616/1617 in Worcester, St. Martin, Worcestershire, England.  Richard married Anne Constable in March 1640/1641 in James Town, Virginia. (143 descendants)

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