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Consider staying at the Kimball Condominiums
in walking distance to the Family History Library, Temple Square, Conference Center, LDS Church Office Building
and next door to the new Church History Library

Rent Kimball Condo Unit 225  Map of Downtown Campus Area Photo Tour of Temple Square Gardens

Call Janet Foster
to reserve our 2 bedroom condo #225 with kitchen & laundry for your next visit
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East front door used to exit onto Main Street.  Kimball address is 150 N. Main Street Front Door Well lite side entrance off the parkinglot and equipped with easy rampway direct to the elevator. Beautiful summer flowers all around the Kimball
Great directional signs on every door and hallway Reception desk to sign in, rent movies and schedule time in the spa and exercise room On the First Floor are the Administration Office, Social Lounge, Spa, Ski Storage Closet, Laundry Room, Ice Machine & Fitness Room
Ice Machine, Laundry & Sitting Area Social Lounge, Monday Morning Continental Breakfast, Internet Computer, TV Sign in for use of the Internet Computer Fitness & Exercise Equipment Room
Beautiful Heated Spa Lots of room to relax.  Sign up for your own private time. Main entrance Many visitors return to The Kimball for its quality & convenience to downtown Salt Lake City, Utah
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