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TRAINING – Eight Areas To Complete For "Certification"

Certification for Priesthood Leaders, Ward Adult and Youth Family History Consultants means you have reviewed these EIGHT AREAS of TRAINING and have sent an e-mail of your completion of each area as you complete them to Brother Gary Foster, Stake Family History Director.  It’s important to complete the certification process so that you can be effective in your calling and have the knowledge and tools necessary to properly help your ward members. 

All members can review these training materials but don't have to send an email Certification, okay?

Let's Get Started

1.  Register yourself for an LDS Account and complete your Profile Information for your Account, Contact and Recovery email address and select Stake Visibility, Phone number and select Membership Record Number to be used as a recovery option.  Verify that your Membership Record Number is added to your account.  Select to receive all three Email Subscriptions to keep up with all news, tips and help with your calling.  Send Certification email when completed.

2.  Review your "duties and responsibilities" in the Priesthood Callings link on our Queen Creek Arizona Chandler Heights Stake Training Menu.  Send Certification email when completed.

3.  Review the Handbooks and Reference Guides under Complete your Training from our website.  You are invited to attend the four week lessons offered for Priesthood Leaders and Family History Consultants taught at the Mesa FamilySearch Library each Tuesday evening.  Send Certification email when completed.

4.  Begin the process of sending your High Priest Group Leader an email, text or phone call by Saturday each week so he knows who in your ward is attending training classes, working on family history, has names available for others to take to the temple and how your Youth Ward Family History Consultants are helping in your ward.  Send Certification email when started.  Now keep your High Priest Group Leader informed each week so he can report to the Bishop, Ward Council and PEC meetings.

5.  Begin your on-line Training & Resource Site for Family Hisory Consultants & High Priest Group Leaders found on LDS.org website.  Send Certification email when completed.  This isn't a race.  What we are after is comprehension and understanding.  So, take your time and enjoy the skills you are learning and more importantly where to return when you need refreshing.

6.  Help your Youth Ward Family History Consultants be trained for the basics by attending the four training sessions either at the Mesa FamilySearch Library or here within our Stake for the Youth 4K program Send Certification email when completed.

7.  Click on our website tab "Family Tree Learning" and watch the short videos produced by Leland Moon to learn how to do each of the 7 segments on using your Family Tree on FamilySearch.org website.  Send a Certification email after completing each of the seven sections of training.

8.  Click on our website tab "Websites Learning" and review the websites produced by the Church in the first column, then the best family history websites in the middle column and then the larger FamilySearch Library websites in the third column.  Send a Confirmation email after reviewing each of the columns.



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