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Review your responsibilities and see each video listed to
"Catch the Spirit of Elijah" and be "fully trained" in your calling

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Mesa Family History Training Center
Mesa FamilySearch Library invites all Priesthood Leaders and Ward Family History Consultants to attend a four week training (4 lessons) taught each Tuesday night at 7 pm in our Family History Training Center, 464 E 1st Ave, in Mesa just West of the Mesa Arizona Temple.  Our library re-opens after remodeling sometme soon.  Denise Crawford is our instructor and one of the best teachers in our Library.  You may start any Tuesday night and continue for the four lessons.  See you there!

Review these Handbooks to know duties and where things are to be found

Handbook 2: Administering the Church 2010, Section 5.4


Leader's Guide To Temple and Family History Work


Instructors Guide to Temple and Family History Work    Instructor's Guide to Temple and Family History Work


Help Phone & Email
If you need any help at all, please feel free to call the Church�s Family History Priesthood Helpline at 866-406-1830.
Or email: support@familysearch.org - Be sure to fully describe your ancestors needs by name and PIN so the helper can fully understand what needs to be done.

Review Training Materials

The Church has created an excellent site to give you the family history & temple work training you need as a priesthood leader.  Please visit The Training & Resource Site for Priesthood Leaders.

There are 9 items for you to complete:

  1. Read Handbook 2: Section 5.4

  2. Read the Leader's Guide to Temple and Family History Work

  3. Review the Temple and Family History Course Materials

  4. Watch the Principles for Successful Family History Classes� video (11 min.)

  5. Watch the 3 Family History Devotionals� by Elders Scott, Packer and Clayton

  6. Review Youth and Family History

  7. Watch Training for My Calling: High Councilor

  8. Read Family History Conference Presentations�2012

That's it. Congratulations!
You've now met all the criteria of a fully informed priesthood leader.


Elijahs Chariot of Fire

Elijah's Helpers