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Family History Consultants (Review  New Consultant Training, Resources and Videos)

The bishopric and the high priests group leader determine how many family history consultants are needed in the ward. The high priests group leader directs their efforts.

Consultants are skilled teachers who work and communicate well with others. While consultants need not be experts in family history research, they are comfortable using and helping others use the resources at This includes family pedigrees, historical records, and the FamilySearch indexing program. Youth can also be called to serve as consultants, where their technology skills can be helpful in assisting others.

Consultants register at, sign in with your LDS User Name and Password and check to receive updated information, training, and updates from the Church.

Working with Leaders

Consultants proactively reach out to leaders by:

  • Helping them get started with their own family history so they can perform temple ordinances for their deceased relatives.
  • Demonstrating how family history can help them in their calling to minister to those whom they serve.

Working with Members

Consultants proactively reach out to members by:

  • Helping a few individuals or families at a time to get started with their own family history so they can perform temple ordinances for their deceased relatives. The most effective place where this occurs is in members‘ homes.
  • Assisting specific individuals or families (assigned by the high priests group leader, as determined in ward council) to become interested in and do family history.
  • Acting as a resource to answer family history questions.

Some consultants have experience and skills that particularly suit them for additional tasks such as:

  • Serving in family history centers.

  • Assisting members and other consultants in more advanced research efforts.

  • Training other consultants.

Youth Ward Family History Consultants

linsey sterling
Lindsey Sterling answers your questions.  Youth from accros the globe submitted more than a thousand questions in a live Face to Face event recently.  She answered questions about finding self-worth, discovering faith, sharing your beliefs, overcoming challenges, and developing talents.  To hear more about what Lindsey had to say, you can watch the full video of the event by visiting the Youth Activities website. Click here.


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