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Family History & Temple Responsibilities

High Priests Group Leader  (View video)

The high priests group leader coordinates the ward council‘s efforts to encourage temple and family history work in the ward. He is accountable to the bishop for the results of these efforts. He also directs the work of family history consultants. He receives assistance and training from the high councilor assigned to temple and family history work.

In wards or branches where there is no high priests group leader, the elders quorum president or another assigned Melchizedek Priesthood holder in the ward council fills this role. Below are some examples of what the high priests group leader does to lead temple and family history work.

Coordinates Ward Council Efforts

The high priests group leader coordinates ward council efforts as he:

  • Works with the ward council to develop a plan to encourage individuals and ward auxiliaries to participate more fully in temple and family history work.

  • Consults with each member of the ward council to determine specific ways that temple and family history work can be used to help the members of their organizations.

  • Facilitates temple and family history discussions in ward council meetings.

  • Organizes ward temple visits.

Directs the Work of Consultants

The high priests group leader:

  • Consults with the bishopric to recommend members to be called and set apart as family history consultants.
  • Ensures that enough consultants are called to meet the needs of the ward.

  • Provides direction and assignments to consultants.

  • Points consultants to the training resources at consultant.familysearch.org and follows up to ensure they are properly prepared to perform their callings

Priesthood Callings Chart

This goal comes from Elder D. Todd Christofferson’s recommendation on page 17 of the new Leader’s Guide to Temple and Family History Work regarding what he would consider a successful, well-run program. He says:

“If I were a bishop again I would charge the high priests group leader with the responsibility to lead out in the ward council on this subject. I would ensure that we had one or more family history consultants who were ‘people persons‘ who could work under his direction. I imagine that in the course of a year we could help at least ten families. In five years, we could have a corps of fifty families active at some level in family history and its attendant temple work.That to me would be a successful, well-run program.”

So, if a Family History Consultant (FHC) can effectively work with 10 families per year…

2 FHC x 10 families x 5 years = 100 families taught
3 FHC x 10 families x 5 years = 150 families taught
4 FHC x 10 families x 5 years = 200 families taught

An average ward has about 100 active families so 4 ward FHC's could train those interested in 2 years...

Group meetings can motivate and inspire members to get started but it takes one on one training to develop lasting skills.

And, in the spirit of “teach correct principles and the people will govern themselves,” we’re training families, giving them all the tools they need to be successful with their family history work, and then they’re off on their own determining what their individual involvement is going to be.

May the Lord bless our members in this great work on behalf of our deceased ancestors and their families

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