Stake Family History Center Director
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Gary Foster
Gary Foster, Stake Family History Director


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Responsibilities  (See Video)

The Church has established thousands of family history centers throughout the world. Leaders use family history centers as a resource to bless the lives of members as well as to provide a valuable service to the community.Family history centers operate under priesthood direction. The assigned high councilor responsible for temple and family history work, under the direction of the stake presidency, oversees all family history centers in the stake.Family history centers give members and community patrons access to:

  • Genealogical resources.

  • Classes and workshops.

  • One-on-one assistance.

As stake leaders look to accomplish specific public affairs goals, they view family history centers as a unique and impactful means of enhancing the Church‘s position in the local community. Approximately 60 percent of the patrons who use family history centers are not members.

Family History Center Staff

The assigned high councilor ensures the staffing needs of family history centers in the stake are met. Family history centers are staffed by individuals who have specific skills in teaching, doing family history research, and using FamilySearch technology. Center staff includes:

  • Family history center director and assistant directors. Directors and assistant directors are recommended to the stake presidency by the assigned high councilor.

  • Family history consultants. The high councilor coordinates with the bishoprics and high priests group leaders to call or assign enough family history consultants to staff each family history center supported by the stake.

  • Volunteer members of the community. Community members may serve in centers with the approval of the high councilor. There are many skilled individuals in the community who are willing to serve when given the opportunity.

Establish, Relocate, or Close a Center

If the stake presidency is considering establishing, relocating, or closing a family history center, they contact their area family history advisers. The stake submits a Request to Create, Relocate, or Close a Family History Center form to the area adviser. The area adviser reviews the request with the Family History Department.

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